MEXTEND represents the following companies in Mexico. For inquiries, please contact us.

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Founded in 1951 in The Netherlands, Artofil develops and manufactures technical yarns for industrial application, using a wide variety of spinning technologies. Artofil is technological leader in spun and UV coated water blocking yarn for the Fiber Optic and Energy Cable industry.

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San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC) provides total packaging solutions across the globe: A wide range of quality products – glass, plastics, metal, flexibles, PET, molds, and paper – and reliable services and technical expertise. Our plants and facilities provide a dynamic, strategically accessible, and world-class supply base, creating a sustainable competitive advantage in our global business. San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation combines the competencies of two recognized Asian brands – one of Southeast Asia’s biggest conglomerates, San Miguel Corporation and Japan’s Nihon Yamamura Glass Company, Ltd.

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Royce International is the leading supplier of color compounds, talc masterbatches and chemical foaming agents in the US. Founded in 1929, Royce has grown from one plant site in New Jersey to 5 plants in the US, warehouses across the Americas, Europe and Asia; Technical Center and office in China and manufacturing partnerships around the globe.

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