MEXTEND represents the following companies in Mexico. For inquiries, please contact us.

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Founded in 1984 in London, England, Wine and Spirit International is a global brand owner, exporting premium and specialty wine and spirits to over 30 countries around the world. WSI has a strong heritage in Absinthe, Vodka, Rum and Tequila; working with some of the finest distilleries to produce truly unique and exceptional wine and spirits.

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Indosign is an international trader of unique and exclusive interior, made from petrified wood and other natural materials, like gemstone, natural stone, Kauri- and Suar wooden tree trunk tables. With passion for natural shapes, Indosign stands for special and high quality interior products.

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Flatland Design is an international wholesaler of Mid-century modern and Contemporary Designer items from Holland, Scandinavia, the US and Southern Europe. Flatland offers a huge, beautiful collection that has stood the test of time. Some items remain as good as new, others are restored with great care for the original design and materials used.

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KingSports specializes in the development, production and distribution of glues, adhesive tapes and stabilizing fabrics (root protection) under artificial turfs in sport fields and landscaping.

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China-based Kamadolink Technology is a manufacturer of high-quality ceramic barbecue stoves. Kamado grills have been around for hundreds of years and can be made from a wide variety of materials like terra cotta or double wall stainless steel. However, high fire ceramic is traditionally considered the best choice. Ceramic is durable and more resistant to the elements, wear and rust than many other grilling options.

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