Digital Sourcing Services in Mexico

Digital analysis

Before putting forward a strategy, it is necessary to know the status of a brand within the digital world in Mexico. With our Industry Digital Insights service we rely on highly accurate tools that allow us to give you a diagnosis of the level of awareness of your brand, product, competition and potential customer profile. We identify your target market and business opportunities in Mexico.

  • Quantify market size per industry in $$
  • Quantify national digital market size, split per region.
  • Digital competitor analysis.

Digital Presence

Information and communication technologies project brands exponentially. It is therefore of utmost importance that your service or product is present at the right moment: when a need is detected or when the user performs a search, it opens a way of a positioning strategy that makes it a potential customer for your brand.

Our holistic approach of SEO encompasses a comprehensive strategy which involves understanding the current dynamics of your website and review it with fundamental aspects such as architecture, design and current means of the organic traffic or search. We apply offline and online optimization techniques in order to improve your search engine rankings through verifiable means and help build a successful digital roadmap.

  • Domain and subdomain management with presence in Mexico.
  • Landing pages that focus on lead generation.
  • Industry blog with relevant information on products, services, industries served, including SEO.
  • Indexing in local and national business directories.

Demand Generation

We turn viewers into potential customers of your brand through a digital experience. This means that we provide attractive and useful information for your market in different communication platforms such as social and professional networks, bulletins or blogs with the aim to attract the user to your brand, achieve conversation and engage with your target audience efficiently.

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns that focus on ranking local domains, and lead generation.
  • Content creation, generation and shareability.
  • Marketing inbound process for B2B industries.
  • Social Media Management with local voice, focused on visibility, traceability and conversation.
  • Specialty market niches.

Trade Show Representation Service

Mexico is host to many of the most important trade shows in Latin-America. They cater to almost any industry you can imagine including automotive, packaging, electronics, construction, digital, agriculture, food, confectionary, printing and logistics. Primary host cities are Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, each with their modern exhibition centers and hotels that have the capacity to host hundreds of booths and tens of thousands of visitors. Besides, there are several smaller, key business municipalities in Mexico that host niche or region-specific trade shows.

Persistent participation in trade shows is a crucial part of doing business in Mexico. However, without local support from people that speak your language and immediately understand your specific needs, participating at a Mexican trade show can be an expensive, intimidating and tedious experience. MEXTEND provides full support before, during and after the show, making sure that you get highest possible value from participation:

  • Selecting relevant trade shows for your products or specific industry.
  • Providing appropriate booth design.
  • Booth Leasing and paperwork.
  • Supply booth/stand/exhibition materials.
  • Brand and product exposure in audio-visual-printed materials.
  • Coordinating international shipment of your products (if needed)
  • Supervising set-up and dismantling of your trade show booth by qualified service personnel
  • Trade show booth representation by an experienced bilingual (multilingual) Mextend Representative.
  • Press Releases before, during and after the show.
  • Advertising and promotion to specific target audiences / industries prior to the show.
  • Lead Management and Follow Up Cycle locally or outside Mexico.
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